Campaign Optimizer - PC / Web Application


  • The built in Word Processor is compatible with Microsoft Word and easily merges data from records to create personalized letters, press releases, labels, etc. in alpha or zip format;
  • Prints letters using any combination of data files in a mail merge format;
  • Creates labels in 1, 2, 3, or 4-up format, using any of the data files;
  • Creates 3x5 cards for use in follow-up on prospective contributors;
  • Reports and Queries File:

  • Can create reports and letters or labels, by Region, Area, Precinct, Gender, Date of Birth, political District, Zip Code, Name, Original Source, Source of Contribution, Department, Race, Occupation, Job Title, Solicitor, Party, Volunteer Activity, Contribution, and much, much more.
      1. Generates complete FEC reporting forms for Candidate Committees. All schedules and summary pages;
      2. Maintains history of all previously filed reports;
      3. Generates multiple finance and volunteer activity reports;
      4. Complete reports for Committees, Campaign Managers, or Directors;
      5. All fields are select-able for reports, letter, or labels.

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Word Processor
Reports and Queries
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