Campaign Optimizer - PC / Web Application

Specific features and highlights

  • Campaign Optimizer is designed to manage any campaign, from a local race to a statewide race;
  • Each campaign database can be quickly setup and organized efficiently, managing the campaign and its individual election periods within Campaign Properties;
  • Campaign Optimizer fully supports political fund-raising, financial, and campaigning activities;
  • Everything the user needs to know is contained on each screen and is written in plain English; Menu-driven, assisted by mouse and hotkey functionality;
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    Campaign Optimizer prepares necessary Federal (FEC) and State reporting forms and is approved for electronic filing;
  • For those committees that need to prepare both Federal and State reporting forms, there is no need to duplicate data;
  • Unique Campaign Scheduler with Master Calendar and Campaign Timeline;
  • All data records can be mail merged with Campaign Optimizer’s powerful built-in word processor;
  • All fields are select-able, over 2000 possible combinations;
  • Generates numerous reports , including Precinct Walk Sheets and Telephone Bank Call Sheets;
  • Optional report writer; create custom campaign management reports – virtually limitless;
  • User defined search features to quickly locate records, create mail merge, or develop necessary data analysis reports;
  • Record maintenance functions, including undelete, global edit, and record duplication guard;
  • Most existing databases can be imported into  Campaign Optimizer;
  • Campaign Optimizer can be re-initialized for successive campaigns retaining voter and organization contact, media and vendor data, while saving previous campaign data for reference;
  • Campaign Optimizer is sold in a multi-campaign version for campaign management consultants;
  • Campaign Optimizer is marketed in a 30-day unconditional trial version;
  • Support is provided at no charge for the initial 30 days;
  • Support contracts are available;
  • Four major components organize and manage the campaign: individual & organization data, timeline & activities scheduling, financial matters, and campaign writing, mail merge, and superior data analysis.

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Federal and State reporting
Master Calendar
Word Processor
Numerous reports
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