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Federal and/or State reporting forms

Federal and/or State reporting

More than ever before, the financial requirements of campaigning continue to grow rapidly.

Due to the rising cost of today’s campaign, the need to solicit financial support from every circle continues to grow as well.

Correspondingly, since the Candidate is responsible for the proper use and administration of these solicited campaign funds, the restrictions and regulations regarding their tracking, use, and financial reporting to regulatory agencies are more demanding with each election cycle.

In addition, with the advent of the technical ability to do so, agencies are becoming more demanding in terms of the style with which reporting is done.

For example, in early 2001, The Federal Election Commission made it mandatory to file PAC finance reports electronically.

Most States are following this trend and we expect that it will not be long before it becomes mandatory at the State level as well.

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Federal and/or State reporting
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