PAC Optimizer - PC / Web Application

PAC Data Files

  • Individual Prospect Files create a record for all prospective support in the form of "votes for", PAC volunteers, contributors, endorsements, etc.;
  • Individual Support Files track confirmed supporters, "votes for", contributions, campaign volunteers, endorsers, etc.;
  • The Individual Prospect and Support forms are comprised of two forms in one in order to allow for additional voter detail;
  • Organizational File creates a record for all prospective and actual campaign PAC, Party, association, and/or corporate support;
  • Media File makes a record for media outlets, organizing press communication, press releases and press contacts;
  • Doner Registration File enables easy download of the registered voters in your district. The PAC Optimizer will produce Telephone Bank printouts in alphabetic order,  and sort records using multiple and definable search criteria;
  • Committee File enables the collection of Committee Data, complete with Contribution approval and tracking.

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Individual Prospect Files
Individual Support Files
Individual Prospect and Support
Organizational File
Media File
Donor Registration File
Committee File
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